Pot Sales Would Be Tightly Controlled By The State And Only Permitted To Be Sold In Licensed Medical Cannabis Centers, The Bill Says.

The move could signal tolerance from the Trump administration on the use of pot as a medical treatment. The drug has been legalized for medical use in 28 states, Medical marijuana but Florida is one of the only Southern states that allow it. Ninety three percent of Americans support medical marijuana use, according to a Quinnipiac University Poll released Thursday. In a 2010 Gallup Poll, 70 percent of people surveyed favored legalizing marijuana for medical use. In North Carolina, Moore pointed to bills passed in 2015 legalizing the hemp industry and allowing neurologists to dispense hemp, or CBD, oil to patients for treating epilepsy as a sign that there may be support for his bill. Medical marijuana is something that the public has changed its mind on, even in North Carolina, Moore said. There very may well be some support for this bill on the Republican side. The lawmakers Medical Cannabis Act would allow people with qualifying conditions to possess and use marijuana without fear of arrest, prosecution or penalty. It would prohibit patients under the age of 18 from using marijuana unless they get consent from a parent who has gotten a full explanation of the potential risks and benefits of the drug. Pot sales would be tightly controlled by the state and only permitted to be sold in licensed medical cannabis centers, the bill says. The bill also calls for the creation of clinical research studies at the University of North Carolina of the use of cannabis as treatment, including on safety. In 2015, a marijuana legalization bill had an hour-long hearing that ended with a legislator saying he was assaulted by a marijuana advocate and a committee made up of both Republicans and Democrats unanimously rejecting the bill.

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