Mr. Yuk Could Be New Face Of Marijuana Edibles | Spokane –

Yuk stickers on pot-infused foods. The board said its making the revisions in response to public input. Public health advocated have sough the requirement for Mr. Yuk stickers, which suggest the products are poisonous and are designed to discourage children from ingesting them. The Washington Poison Center said marijuana poisoning in kids is on the rise. The centers call volume has gone up over 120 percent since 2013. A typical edible serving size is between 10 to 12 milligrams, about one piece of a chocolate bar, but thats intended for adults. Dispensaries like Spocannabis said they wouldnt mind the Mr. Yuk stickers if they mean another safety measure protecting children. I think its a great idea, Spocannabis owner, Darren McCrea, said. Treat it just like any of your other medication that youre getting from your doctor.

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