Manhattan Is Getting Its First Medical Marijuana Dispensary, But There’s No Weed

med-mj-ny-state And while that sounds well and fancy for pot lovers in need of their medicine, the dispensary won’t even have any weed. See also: ‘Stoner Sloth’ tells Australian kids to stop smoking weed, people think it’s hilarious Inside Columbia Care, Manhttan’s first medical marijuana dispensary. Under the Compassionate Care Act , which Governor Andrew Cuomo signed in July, patients will be allowed to purchase extracts, tinctures, oils and edibles. So no actual flower, bud, trees or green will actually be sold. And before you run to your doctor to get a prescription for your headaches, you should just move to California now because New York is not that kind of medical marijuana state. A sample of medical marijuana products that will be available in New York. Image: Jennifer Peltz/Associated Press Patients who qualify for medical marijuana in New York must have a “severe debilitating or life-threatening condition.” And although medical marijuana is legal in some form in 23 different states and D.C., the Empire State is clearly one of the strictest in terms of qualifying patients and product availability. Given the stigma associated with smoking, it was actually the only method of consumption and was “specifically excluded from certified medical use in the statute.” Which means New York is being extremely cautious in its introduction to the wide world of weed, and has no intention of any cannabis products getting into the wrong hands. The only other medical state to enforce this type of restriction is Minnesota. While smoking marijuana flower is the most common ways to consume cannabis, concentrates and edibles have become extremely popular since states like Colorado and Washington have legalized the plant for recreational use. Additionally, the state is also forbidding the cannabis to be consumed in public, and it must be kept in its original package, both of which are unsurprising.

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