High Tech: How Software Firms Are Benefiting From Legalized Marijuana Industry – Vegas Inc

In Nevada, for instance, software developers said they had to tailor their systems to meet a label size requirement. Its difficult to do it all at the same time, said David Dinenberg, chief executive of Kind Financial, one of the companies that offers tracking. Everyone is writing their own road maps. But the diverse seed-to-sale requirements have also been lucrative for entrepreneurs eager to capitalize on the emerging marijuana industry. Kind Financial and two other companies, MJ Freeway and BioTrackTHC, all reported entities in Nevada using their software products. According to Patrick Vo, BioTrackTHCs chief executive, about 45 authorized medical marijuana entities in the state have licensed the software. BioTrackTHC offers its software for a $1,500 setup fee and a monthly charge that ranges from $300 to $400, depending on the type of establishment. The company, Vo said, started out with software to track pharmaceuticals, but it pivoted when it saw the demand for tracking marijuana. There are many things that are unique to cannabis that a generic system cannot handle, Vo said. courtesy of BioTrackTHC Marijuana is unique, he said, in part because the entire plant must be accounted for even as it is altered, often several times by several different groups, before it is turned into a final product.

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