He Said Having A Dispensary In A Neighborhood Thats Easy To Get To Via Public Transportation, Like Harvard Square, Will Benefit Registered Users.

In other words, said Valerio Romano, counsel and compliance officer for Healthy Pharms Inc., This is not Denver with neon signs. Marijuana would not be grown, cultivated, or processed in the building, according to the proposal. That would all be done in Georgetown, where Healthy Pharms Inc., has an existing operation. Once the Planning Board files its decision with the City Clerks office, there is a statutory period during which it can be appealed. Before it can officially open, the nonprofit must yet win approvals from the states Department of Public Health, the agency that regulates medical marijuana facilities, as well as building permits and a certificate of occupancy from Cambridge officials. Averill said an opening date has not been set for the dispensary, but he and Overgaag hope its by the end of this year. He said having a dispensary in a neighborhood thats easy to get to via public transportation, like Harvard Square, will benefit registered users. Its great for patient access, he said. Its really the most accessible spot. Jesse Kanson-Benanav, chairman of A Better Cambridge, a nonprofit community group, said the city heavily backed the legalization of medical marijuana in 2012 and that putting a dispensary in Harvard Square makes sense. Cambridge is marijuana an area that should have multiple marijuana dispensaries for patients who need it, he said. Medical marijuana is a vital service and its high time no pun intended, I didnt mean to make that pun that we have some functioning dispensaries. Denise Jillson, executive director of the Harvard Square Business Association, said Overgaag, owner of The Red House, is well-respected in the community and a known entity. She said her board gave full support to the plan, citing the importance of supplying medical marijuana to patients in need. Paul is a very responsible business owner, she said.

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