Another Would Set The Ccc Up More Like The State Gaming Commission, Expanding The Board To Five Members: One Appointed By The Governor, Who Would Have Expertise In Public Health And Substance Abuse Prevention; One Appointed By The Attorney General, With Experience In Criminal Investigations And Law Enforcement; And One Appointed By The Treasurer, Specializing In Licensing And Marijuana Regulation.

As the law stands now, a three-member commission, with all members appointed by the state treasurer, will issue licenses and set policy. The CCC pretty much mirrors the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission that has had authority over the liquor industry for years. Theres one bill that would just put the marijuana industry under the ABCC as well. Another would set the CCC up more like the state Gaming Commission, expanding the board to five members: one appointed by the governor, who would have expertise in public health and substance abuse prevention; one appointed by the attorney general, with experience in criminal investigations and law enforcement; and one appointed by the treasurer, specializing in licensing and marijuana regulation. The other two commissioners would be selected by a majority vote of the governor, treasurer and AG. One commissioner would have experience in agriculture and environmental matters. The other would come from a list of three nominees submitted by the ACLU, the NAACPand the Union of Minority Neighborhoods. Under one bill , consumers would have to “opt-in” to receive mailings and other advertisements from marijuana businesses. Signage on marijuana establishments would have to be “reasonable,” and you would have to confirm that you are at least 21 years oldbefore going on a marijuana-related website. As far as packaging is concerned, one bill would require that the markings on a package include “a clear and distinguished symbol or other easily recognizable mark indicating that the package contains marijuana.” Another bill is more prescriptive, spelling out that packaging would have to be opaque, colored grey, be child resistant, and not have any cartoon characters or bright colors.

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