Alaska’s Pot Cafes Will Give Patrons A Taste Of Cannabis : Npr

She’s a retired middle school teacher. Drug aversion programs, she says, were a regular staple in her classroom. “I have grandchildren and I’ve taught school and I want to see these young people have good jobs. They can’t even get a job in the mine if they test with a drug in their system,” she says. Awesome Tips, Dude: Denver May Allow Pot In Bars, Restaurants Pot cafes in Alaska give people a legal place to consume marijuana, but some municipalities have anti-smoking laws. Juneau has a strict clean air ordinance that prohibits smoking tobacco and marijuana in public places, in businesses like restaurants and even in private clubs like an Elks Lodge. Becker says while she’s not excited her state would be the first to have marijuana cafes, a pot brownie doesn’t bother her as much as a joint. “I mean, I’d rather people didn’t put their calories in their bodies with edibles of drugs, but it does not damage the smoking ordinance and that’s been one of my real concerns,” she says. Attorney Kevin Higgins says he smokes marijuana at his home to relieve job stress but would consider going to pot cafes.

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