A Lounge Could Not Sell Marijuana Or Allow Use Of Tobacco Or Alcohol, Or Allow Gambling Or Video Lottery Games.

SB 307 would exempt marijuana use from the act, which, for opponents of the bill, is a step backward for public health. SB 307 would put people in Oregon at risk by creating exemptions to the (Indoor Clean Air Act), wrote Dr. Katrina Hedberg, state epidemiologist with the Oregon Health Authority in comments to the Joint Committee on Marijuana Regulation, and would expose workers and patrons to the risks of secondhand marijuana smoke. The bill, if passed, would require cannabis lounges Green Rush to operate under most of the constraints that govern other marijuana businesses licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. They could not locate, for example, within 1,000 feet of a school. A lounge could not sell marijuana or allow use of tobacco or alcohol, or allow gambling or video lottery games. Lounges would have to install ventilation systems to remove smoke and vapors, according to the bill. The temporary event section of SB 307 imposes similar requirements. Another bill, SB 308 , would create a task force to study social consumption and submit a report by September 2018. SB 307 is still in the information-gathering stage in the Joint Committee on Marijuana Regulation, said Adam Crawford, analyst with the Legislative Policy and Research Office.

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