Is Ohio Going To Pot? Buckeye State To Vote On Cannabis Legalization

This is the big industry nightmare that weve been worried about, and now its becoming a reality in Ohio. For anyone who thinks legalization is about pot anymore, they need to look at Ohio and see its not about pot, its about money. Ohio confirms our worst fears about big business marijuana. Its all about making a small number of rich people richer, not personal freedom or justice. We dont have to settle for issue 3s monopoly! Ohio has a 2016 free-market option! read up: OhioGanja (@OhioGanja) November 2, 2015 Similarly, Marijuana Policy Project communications director Morgan Fox said that the MPP isnt taking a side one way or the other with regard to Ohios plan. We are staying neutral on Ohio. We generally support making marijuana legal for adults and regulating it like alcohol, he continued, but Ohioans will have to decide if Issue 3 is the best way for them to do so. Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance, while admitting that Ohios Issue 3 is problematic, ultimately comes down on the side of being in favor of the effort. Theres something about a constitutionally mandated oligopoly for an agricultural product that just seems un-American. With that said, I must admit that Im rooting for Issue 3 to win, mostly because a victory on Election Day 2015 would significantly accelerate the momentum toward ending marijuana prohibition nationwide. Ohios cannabis legalization initiative holds broader significance outside of the Buckeye State. Previous states to legalize pot, particularly Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, have been solidly liberal, Western states.

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