Canton Part Of State’s Opening Day For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries – News – Journal Star – Peoria, Il

email His current medication costs $5,000 a month. Because of his disease, he is on disability and receives medical coverage through Medicare. They still want me to pay one-third of the cost of the medication, something that is out of reach for him. Im just glad its finally here, he said of being able to legally purchase marijuana. For Timothy Stallings of Macomb, Monday marked the first day he no longer has to resort to the black market to be able to function on a daily basis. Stallings, along with Mercer, was one of the first to purchase a wide variety of medical cannabis at Salveo. He has illegally used marijuana for years to help with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and a connective tissue disorder. If I didnt use cannabis, I might curl up in a ball from the pain, he said. Stallings has used a whole host of heavy narcotics, none of which helped long-term.

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