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Here at MedicalMarijuanaLovers.com we can see that the beginning of a new era in North America has begun.

Prohibition for marijuana, cannabis, weed, pot, etc. is ending state-by-state with thirty states & the District of Columbia broadly legalizing marijuana and a further eight states & the District of Columbia adopting expansive laws for the recreational use of marijuana.

There will be many changes as the laws are re-written and we will be here to monitor those changes and sift through the hundreds of different information sources to bring our visitors the top stories that relate to sweeping changes that we are currently seeing happen all over North America.

We feel this is a revolution and a “Green Rush” that will more than compare with the Gold Rush of the 1800’s and the Dot Com era of the late 90’s. The fact of the matter is that the marijuana industry is a multi-billion dollar industry – NOT an idea. The tax revenue that will be generated for Government is staggering.

This could be once in a lifetime opportunity. Join us as we venture down the path of seeing prohibition being lifted. Imagine if you were positioned for the lifting of alcohol in 1933? A lot of money was made by the people that were informed and ready to take action.


That is our simple goal – inform our visitors.

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